Who We Are

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Our vision is to grow the Republican Party by working together!

Spartanburg County Republican Party
  • Promote all Republican candidates up for election.
  • Promote voter registration and participation in elections
  • Encourage volunteerism.
  • Organize opportunities for voters to meet and exchange ideas with candidates.
  • Encourage constitutional conservative candidates to run for offices at all levels.
  • Promote activities leading to constitutional conservative actions by office holders.
  • Encourage office holders to consider constitutional conservative legislation and rules.

Spartanburg County Republican Party Officers

Spartanburg County Chairman:  Curtis Smith
Executive Committeeman:  Alexia Newman
1st Vice Chairman:  Jarred Spencer
Vice Chairmen:  William Crawford, Lisa Watson, Barry Bell
Recording Secretary:  Debbie Baker
Treasurer:  William “Will” May, III
Communications:  Nancy Buyarski Dunn

Mailing Address:
Spartanburg County Republican Party
P.O. Box 5475
Spartanburg, SC 29304

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