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"President Donald J. Trump announced Saturday that he authorized the release of $50 million in aid to Syrian human rights groups and other aid organizations."

"There's going to be a boom in farm country."

Earlier on "Fox & Friends," White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro discussed the "phase one" trade deal with China. https://fxn.ws/2nCC7V4

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"House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff admitted on Sunday that he should have been clearer about his contact with the whistleblower who filed a complaint about President Donald J. Trump’s July phone call with the Ukrainian president."

Hunter Biden's attorney announced his client is stepping down from the board of a Chinese company and vowed that he will not work with foreign companies if his father becomes president.

Rep. Ralph Norman: "Make no mistake: China wouldn't be anywhere near the negotiating table right now were it not for our tariffs.

We've had major problems with that country, ranging from unfair trade practices to rampant intellectual property theft. China will continue to abuse us, our companies, and markets until they realize we’re serious about putting an end to it.

That's precisely the message President Trump has sent with these tariffs. Yes, they've caused temporary pain here in the U.S. However, they’ve put China on their heels, and will ultimately make that country realize it’s in their best interest to be an ally and honorable trading partner with our nation.

I look forward to seeing the details of Phase One of these negotiations."



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