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Republican SC State Rep. Nancy Mace to file as candidate for U.S. House District 1. Seat currently held by Democrat.

Earlier this month Congressman William Timmons, R-District 4, led a bipartisan group of Congressional members to learn out the situation at the southern border first hand.
In 20 minutes, I watched 19 people walk in-between ports of entry from Mexico into the United States without incident and willingly turn themselves over to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officials, knowing that our laws prevent them from being sent home. These same laws require them to be released into our country within a few days. In just 20 minutes, I watched 19 people successfully and illegally migrate into the United States.
While I hoped that those 20 minutes were an anomaly, we learned that the same high-volume illegal crossings are happening every day and have a daily national impact on our country that extends far beyond the border.

Congressman Ralph Norman, R-SC, with a recap on border solutions for the last two months. Congress now has two weeks to come up with a deal. Rep. Norman spoke about it on Fox News this morning.
What do you think? Deal or No deal?

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When U.S. Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) takes the field this Wednesday, he’ll have a secret weapon he giddily refers to as “Swamp Rabbit”: U.S. Rep. William Timmons, of South Carolina, who is his pinch runner for the annual Congressional Baseball Game!
The nickname feels appropriate for a speedy stand-in for a congressman from the Louisiana bayous. But it’s entirely coincidental. Timmons, who is 35 and took office in January, owns a crossfit gym back home in Greenville. Its name: Swamp Rabbit Crossfit.

The (State) newspaper found hundreds of examples of small utilities failing to keep toxins out of the water or not taking precautions to make sure the water is safe. Unlike most large systems, small utilities had trouble meeting the most basic requirements, such as keeping bacteria out of drinking water, according to The State’s research. Sometimes, utilities failed to notify customers when they found contamination in the water.
“The challenges by far are based in smaller communities that are under 10,000 in population,’’ Bonnie Ammons, director of the S.C. Rural Infrastructure Authority told a legislative committee this week. “Not all small communities are challenged, but many of them are. They have limited technical and operational staff, or financial staff.’’
“If something goes wrong, they call a plumber or they call a contractor to come out there and fix it because they don’t have their own staff.’’


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